Sponsor an Owl at Sylvan Heights Bird Park

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Be an owl ally! When you sponsor an owl at Sylvan Heights Bird Park, your contribution will go directly towards the purchase of food for our owls and other carnivorous birds. In return, we’ll send you a personalized certificate and a plush owl (Great Horned Owl or Snowy Owl) to commemorate your donation.


Why is your donation important?
For the past 16 years, Sylvan Heights Bird Park has relied on a generous donor to provide food for our carnivorous birds, including our owls, kookaburras, seriemas, ibis, eagles, and more. That donor is no longer able to fulfill these needs for the park, so we are asking for your help to sponsor the cost of food for these birds.

A one-year owl sponsorship is $110. Shipping via USPS Priority Mail is available for an additional fee, or, you may opt to pick up your package at Sylvan Heights Bird Park.

Thank you for your support!

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