The Waterfowl Man of Sylvan Heights

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By Dale True

Follow the thrilling adventures of The Waterfowl Man as he evades danger on his mission to protect the birds he so urgently pursued in the wild. Mike Lubbock traverses rivers, jungles, mountains, and ice flows; faced hazards on multiple continents, endures planes crashes and shipwrecks, all to give waterfowl a fighting chance to survive in a world rapidly losing its wilderness places. All the while radically advancing the art of avian husbandry, culminating in building one of the world's largest avian preserves at Sylvan Heights Waterfowl & Bird Park.


Paperback, 294 pages.


Author Dale True became fascinated by the world of nature at an early age, eagerly studying birds, mammals, ecology, and astronomy. His education in conservation biology came through books, college-level coursework, and journeys to many U.S. and Canadian national parks and forests. A graduate of Wright State University, located in his home town of Dayton, Ohio, Dale's interests center on wildlife conservation, the natural sciences, music and the performing arts, history, and travel.



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